Diva Cage Match Duets

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Diva Cage Match Tag Team Duets

We upped the ante with Diva Cage Match in 2019. The “Sing-Off of the Century” returned for its third year with a new edition:  Tag Team Duets!

Six pairs of opera singers faced-off in two rounds, with three celebrity judges – Dessa, Michael Christie and Jevetta Steele – who ultimately crowned one twosome as the final champions!

October 26, 2019 • 7:00
At the Minneapolis Cider Company in Minneapolis

The Divas

Lisa Rogali and Mia Athey ☆ Sarah Coit and Stephen Carroll ☆ David Walton and Christina Christensen ☆ Alissa Anderson and Kyle Albertson ☆ Dennis Petersen and Andrew Wilkowske ☆ Jill Gardner and Jake Gardner

Diva Accompanist – Byron Wilson ☆ Master of Ceremonies – David Lefkowich

The Judges

Dessa ☆ Michael Christie ☆ Jevetta Steele

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